The Cisco IOS Command Reference is a collection of online documentation which describes in detail the IOS commands used on Cisco devices. The Command Reference is the ultimate source of information for a particular IOS command, similar to how a dictionary is the ultimate source for information about a particular word.

The Command Reference is a fundamental resource that network engineers use to check various characteristics of a given IOS command. Some of the more common characteristics are:

To navigate to the Command Reference and find a particular command follow the steps below:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click Support.

Step 3. Click Networking Software (IOS & NX-OS).

Step 4. Click 15.2M&T (for example).

Step 5. Click Reference Guides.

Step 6. Click CommandReferences.

Step 7. Click the particular technology that encompasses the command you are referencing.

Step 8. Click the link on the left that alphabetically matches the command you are referencing.

Step 9. Click the link for the command.

For example, the description command is found under the Cisco IOS Interface and Hardware Component Command Reference, under the link for the alphabetic range D through E.

Note: Complete PDF versions of the command references for a particular technology can be downloaded from links on the page that you reach after completing Step 7 above.