As discussed, Cisco switches and Cisco routers have many similarities. They support a similar modal operating system support similar command structures, and support many of the same commands. In addition, both devices have identical initial configuration steps when implementing them in a network.

However, a Cisco IOS switch is one of the simplest devices that can be configured on a network. This is because there are no configurations that are required prior to the device functioning. At its most basic, a switch can be plugged in with no configuration, but it will still switch data between connected devices.

A switch is also one of the fundamental devices used in the creation of a small network. By connecting two PCs to a switch, those PCs will instantly have connectivity with one another.

For these reasons, the remainder of this chapter will focus on the creation of a small, two PC network connected via a switch configured with initial settings. Initial settings include setting a name for the switch, limiting access to the device configuration, configuring banner messages, and saving the configuration.