Backup Configurations with Text Capture

In addition to saving running configurations to the startup configuration, configuration files can also be saved and archived to a text document. This sequence of steps ensures that a working copy of the configuration files is available for editing or reuse later.

In Figure 1, configuration files can be saved and archived to a text document using Tera Term.

The steps are:

Similarly, Figure 2 shows how files can be saved and archived in a text document using HyperTerminal.

Restoring Text Configurations

A configuration file can be copied from storage to a device. When copied into the terminal, the IOS executes each line of the configuration text as a command. The file will probably require editing before copying. It is advisable to change the encrypted passwords to plain text and remove the parameter, either the number 5 or 7, which specifies that the password is encrypted. Non-command text such as "--More--" and IOS messages must be removed. This process is discussed in the lab.

Further, at the CLI, the device must be set at the global configuration mode to receive the commands from the text file being copied.

When using Tera Term, the steps are:

The text in the file will be applied as commands in the CLI and become the running configuration on the device. This is a convenient method for manually configuring a device.